Smoking a Rat?

Once, on around 1200mg I utterly forgot who my parents were. I could not picture their faces accurately in my head, could not grasp the concept of parenting (why the hell did I live with them in Japan when I go to school here in the States), and had a notion of simply floating around, talking to my friends. It might have been a lucid dreak--I was definitely not walking around, but at the same time I think I was awake. I find it always hard to tell what is a dream and what is not. This all took place on the pure form, which someone in my dorm had.

Then, we tried the Sucrets method, cooked up 8oz of cough syrup's worth for each of us. But the filtration thing went awry, and we ended up with a filthy pink suspension in an obscene amount of water. My friend decided to pick up some malt liquor as an alternative form of entertainment for the evening, as he could not deal with the flavor of the liquid. I drank the whole thing, and lay down on my bed, from where I did not move for a full 8 or 10 hours. At one point, though, my roommate (also on cough syrup) came in, and I asked him who he was. After this, I asked who I was, which I feel in a sort of beer swilling pickup driving kind of a way (but funny nonetheless) to be the ultimate thing to say as a result of drug abuse. Fucked up? I'll show you "fucked up" frat man.

And then, finally there was the fine occasion upon which I stayed up for a long time due to finals and whatnot, and then injested 4oz of Maximum strength cough. My roommate and I called a fellow student who we were truly not really on calling terms with, and asked for her to come and kill us. I was pretty convinced that this was in fact going to occur, but apparently people who look like that have experience with idiot phone calls from cough syrup land, and informed us that she would not be able to oblige us, and pretty much did not come and kill us. She understood. I think. Cough syrup is a kind of lame misfit among misfits thing to do at my school. Soon thereafter, another friend of mine came along, with a dead mouse in his hand. It was pretty flat and dry in terms of deadness, and I tried to get this stoner kid to smoke some, informing him that we had some wonderful bud, "just look at the hairs on this shit," but oddly enough he didn't smoke it. And for some reason I got some sort of odd thought in my head that "smoke a rat" was a cliche of some sort; a phrase frequently used, and I thought the irony would be wonderful if I actually did smoke a rat. Ha ha ha. So I packed a bowl, and professed to my friends that mouse smoking was great for a "wicked buzz"."

Finally, I would like to recommend the Misfits as being a good band to which to listen during the cough syrup experience. If these guys aren't experienced cough syrup drinkers, I don't know who the hell is. Lyrics like "if you want to scream, scream with me," "come back, little raven, here by my face," and whatever else seem to capture odd cough syrup sentiments beautifully. I realize that most folk who would read this should you post it are probably more at the peace and love end of the music spectrum, but the punk cough syrup experience is grand too.

And Graveyards. These places are good.

But all this is leading me to wonder if I am indeed losing my mind. It's hard to say. Getting people to kill me and whatnot really wasn't my cup of soup before. Also, I think there is definitely a lot to be said for the anger reaction that becomes prominent after, say, two semesters of cough-syrup induced ostracization from many of my peers. And there was a night this semester when both my roommate and I, completely sober, started freaking out, becoming paranoid, and generally convinced that we were going insane. Mm. It was good to experience in retrospect, but kind of scary nonetheless.

And that is a brief overview of my own cough syrup experience of late. An important chapter in the badly written book that is my life.

1998 The Third Plateau
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