The Shocking Intensity of Red Baron's First DXM Trip

Age: 20
Weight: 150 lbs. or 68 kg

Here's a brief history of my drug history:

I have been drinking for 6 years, smoking pot for 4 (VERY frequently at times), I've tripped on acid almost 100 times (the highest dosage being 7 tabs), shrooms about 15 times, done PCP 4 or 5 times, ecstasy 7-10 times, coke 5 times, many bottles of Ketamine/Ketaset HCl not to mention all the prescription drugs a whole bunch of times (codeine, riddelin, valium...)

I have actually done DXM once before but puked it up too quickly for it too really kick in. I had a mild buzz (maybe a mid 1st plateu) but nothing special. This particular night we were drinking and smoking for a while then decided we wanted to get our hands on some DXM. It was 3 AM but we kneew of a 24-hour CVS a half hour away. We picked up two bottles of CVS Tussin maximum strength cough. I ingested 700 mg of DXM HBr between 4 and 7 AM. I had stopped drinking at 1 am so that buzz was pretty much worn off by then. It was slowly kicking in and before I knew it (about 6 am) I was having the best time of my life. My friend, we'll call him black night (who was robotripping with me) and I started talking about the power and awesomeness of the human brain. this evolved into one of the very best conversations I have ever had. We seemed to be coming up with the most incredible insights about the brain, human life, our existence, our universe , reality vs fantasy, and various related topics. My thoughts and ideas on these topics were reaching depths I have rarely experienced before. At 7 am two friends who were out partying all night showed up so our conversation was put to an end. At 7:30 I found myself in my brother's bedroom with only black night. we looked at eachother and suddenly felt the same thing--a beautiful bond of incredible force. (I saw a glowing rod connecting my brain with his). We were also engulfed in a ball of extremely intense energy which eminated outward. My entire body began to tingle. We both felt this energy and agreed that we both had such amazing potential contained within ourselves. Our energy was eminating outward throughout the entire universe, yet there was infinitely more energy in the small sphere surrounding us, just trying to explode. I felt that if it did explode we could change the entire universe for the better.

At about 8:00 we smoked some PHENOMENAL kind bud (easily the best bud ive ever smoked). i took like three hits and that's when I really lost it. Before i knew it I could barely talk. It took absolutely all my effort just to talk. I would be in the middle of a sentence and suddenly get all jammed up and not be able to say anything. My vision started do deteriorate quickly and soon enough nothing would stay still for me. My whole world was moving and twisting and just so warped. I couldn't focus on anything. For about an hour I was convinced that I was in a completely alternate dimension, nowhere near this universe. There were moments of total fear and anxiety but for the most part I was loving this alternate universe. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that at 6:30 we blew some riddelin (10 mgs each). I didn't consciously feel the effects of the riddelin but I'm sure it contributed to our energy levels; a little pick-me-up.

After smokin the KB we tried to play a game of Bocce. It was tons of fun while it lasted but we were too fucked up to keep it together. By 8:30 am I was having a hard time just walking. My friends wanted to go for a hike but I just didn't have it in me. i knew that if i tried to go hiking I would end up hurting myself. Two other guys were robotripping with me (black night and another friend who was hanging out the night before, and fell asleep on my lawn at like 1 or 2 am. The sun woke him up at 6 so he came in and drank some Tussin). but they weren't on as much as me so they were in much better shape for a hike. Black night was on 510 mg DXM HBr and the other guy about 360 mg DXM HBr. Based on my knowledge of DXM I would say that they were on the 2nd plateu and I was on the 3rd by this time. This would explain why I just wanted to stay home and chill by myself, and they were all fired up ready for a hike (as was I two hours earlier but not anymore). They didn't want to leave me alone in that condition so they stuck around.

At about 9 am I re-entered our universe. It was quite soothing to be back home, although I greatly appreciated where I was for the past hour. The other guys left for the hike at like 9:30 and I stayed.

At about 10:30 I felt that the effects of the disassociative anesthetic aspect of the DXM were wearing off, but I was still tripping my face off. Now I really began to appreciate the visuals I was getting. I was staring at a light fixture and it was floating around the ceiling. Once in a while it would shoot off into space like a rocket. My friends came back from their hike at 11:30 and the three of us just chilled, talking until we fell asleep at who knows what time.

Overall, I had a great time for my first real DXM trip. I definitely underestimated the power of this drug. I was certainly a bit arrogant going into it because I had tripped on acid so many times and had done so many other drugs. The hour that I was peaking (8-9) was more intense then anything I have ever experienced. I highly recommend this drug to anyone who has never done it, but would suggest being cautious of plateu 3 and up. The best would be to start out with a trip on the second plateu. That's where I was having the most fun. I'm looking forward to the next trip, which will be in 6 weeks. I also can't wait to try it with LSD.

1998 The Third Plateau
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