Hazy was found wondering around in a state of confusion caused by a life time of blindness. Although Hazy had many problems, blindness was never expected to be one of them. Childhood, insecureness, unfulfillment, and disappointment were among a few of Hazy's problems. All brought on buy the inability to see.

On one particular day the fog was heavy like a steamy shower, except it had a cold sweet smell with a noticeably dizzying effect. Hazy was cutting the fog with flailing swoops of the hands, not knowing whether the desperate attempts were helping fight off whatever it was that was out there. Regardless, the fog beat down on Hazy; dropping and collecting in an endless pool of self pity.

As luck would have it there was suddenly a glimmer of light appearing in Hazy's eye, like a tease, or a beacon summoning the desire to squint, learn, understand, and just feel what the source was. For the first time there was a hope for sight, hope in a place so small and forgotten, hope in the distant depths of the universe. Hope so small indeed that it was a wonder Hazy ever found it.

Curious, but not knowing why, Hazy leaned forward getting close to the glimmer and trustingly took a deep full breath. A deep full breath that swelled the insides bringing a presence of spirit and violation never experienced before by Hazy. It was both enjoyable and confusing but the beacon had so much control that Hazy could not help but indulge.

After a short time a cold unfamiliar and unfriendly wave swept over Hazy that shriveled, chilled and shivered. The once thick fog condensed raining down in a down poor that beet Hazy to the ground with it's weight. Hazy's eyes were closed now in fear, while outside of them the rain was washing away the fog and residue that had built up for so very long. No one knows how long the rain lasted but sometime later Hazy woke up.

Hazy woke up naked, wet, standing in a pile of residue that lay around on the ground. It was odd to see the rubble laying around but it was understood and familiar; it was Hazy's past.

As Hazy opened the rusty eyelids that had been shut for such a long time a glorious burst of light shone in revealing all at once everyone of the earth's most magnificent features and lives that had been waiting for appreciation all of Hazy's life. With nothing but memories and photographs of a past life Hazy took a deep breath of warm air that for the first time brought life instead of coldness. Hazy turned to walk away remembering the beacon that brought on the life altering experience.

Then Hazy stopped, and with a blank face started to smile; a revelation. Hazy cautiously turned and saw a flower where the beacon was. A flower so beautiful, incredible, and full of life it made Hazy stumble.

Another ragged, dirty face drawn down by gravity, was already bent over to see the beacon as Hazy once had.

No longer blind, Hazy walked away, and although embarrassed, lived happily and never spoke of the events again.

1998 The Third Plateau
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