Contac CoughCaps are a very good source of DM, they contain nothing bbut 30mg DM in each cap. Working dosage for me (6'1" 210-220 lbs) has been 900mg DM or 30 tablets. This might be far more than you will need, I suggest determining how much Robotussin you would normally take in oreder to achieve the desired effects and convert across (100ml Robo==300mg DM==10 CoughCaps). Once you have figured out your dosage it is best to take the tablets over the course of an hou. You do not want them to clump up and dissolve slowly in one place, In fact it might even be better to take them with some food. Just be careful with alcohol intake during this time, while it is true that your alcohol levels will effect the intensity and depth of the stone (the more alcohol in your system the higher you get {tres' synergistic}) higher lavels of alcohol can also make you feel naseaus to the point of vomiting (mind you this dosn't last all that long, but it is unpleasent [as is any vomiting on psychedelics]) Smoking a joint or three will also have a synergistic effect, as will eating mushrooms or chewing morning glory seeds (haven't found any acid in years :( ).

This is what I have found, your mileage will vary according to what else you are taking at the time. 300mg DM == light buzz, similiar to 50-100yg lsd 600mg DM == stronger, similiar to 100-250ug lsd 900mg DM == very strong, full spectrum of hallucinations equvalent to 300-600yg lsd These levels will have different effects on different people, and at different times for the same person, depending on what other drugs you are taking at the time. Personally I combine 900mg DM with alcohol, marijuana, and morning glory seeds. This I don't recommend for everyone, especially people unexperienced with psychedelics. Start off low and work your way up. And be careful, too much DM as well as too much alcohl at the same time will make you barf.

Okay, for anyone who wants to play around with dextromethorphan, this might be of use to you. Maybe an FAQ is needed? First, the biochemical side of things. Dextromethorphan acts as a cough suppressant via its agonist (activating) activity at mu-opioid receptors. Unlike codeine, it does not seem to activate other opioid receptors, except for the sigma receptor (see below). As far as its "other" effects, DXM is in the same class as ketamine, PCP, MK-801, and several other NMDA open channel blockers / sigma opioid ligands. The sigma opioid receptor's function is unknown but it may be implicated in schizophrenia. Sigma opioid agonists produce both the positive and the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, unlike dopaminergics which produce only the positive symptoms. The NMDA receptor is a fast ion-channel receptor which is normally activated by the excitory amino acids and possibly potentiated by glycine. There is a second NMDA receptor subtype in the cerebellum (this may account for DXM's perceived effect on motion). NMDA receptors probably exist in several different subtypes. DXM, ketamine, PCP, and other similar chemicals act as "open channel blockers." Upon the opening of the NMDA channel, the chemicals enter the channel and block ion transfer. DXM is a non-competitive blocker. In addition to this, there is a second "PCP2" binding site (the PCP1 site is the NMDA open channel block site). This may be a biogenic amine reuptake complex. If so, then these class of chemicals may act as reuptake inhibitors. The role of the PCP2 site is poorly understood. I don't know offhand the binding of DXM to sigma, PCP1, and PCP2 in comparison to ketamine, MK-801, and PCP. All of these drugs are being studied for their effects in preventing damage to the brain during siezure. In terms of effects on humans, described effects include dissociative anaesthesia, mild hallucinations, enhanced response to music (including highly pleasurable responses), and disturbances in motion. Nausea can occur. DXM has some stimulant effects. In terms of sources, DXM is available over-the-counter in many countries in tablet form. Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough (not Robitussin DM) contains DXM with nothing else (except a little alcohol). Robitussin DM also contains an expectorant which should not be taken in high doses. Dose of Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough is two to five full "shots" using the shot glass that comes with the bottle. The usual warnings apply. Additionally, prolonged use of DXM can and has led to psychosis similar to PCP-induced psychosis. Individual differences in NMDA receptors may be at work here, but you're still potentially at risk. I personally wouldn't mix DXM with anything. -- | Bill White +1-614-594-3434 | | | 31 Curran Dr., Athens OH 45701 | (alternate) | | SCA: Erasmus Marwick, Dernehealde Pursuivant, Dernehealde, Middle Kingdom |

I've seen a lot of posts recently telling the good, the bad, and the ugly about DM (as in Robitussin, yum yum...) I'm no expert at drugs, I will attest. I rarely drink, and have smoked MJ even more infrequently (like, oh, 5 times total in my life...) I have been around people who have done drugs. Usually I was the "designated straightedge." I enjoyed the job, but now have began to "fiddle" around a little bit (oh the joys of College life :) Anyhow, I have been messing around with DM recently, and thought I'd share my personal experiences with it: 1st Time: Drank a 4oz bottle of Robitussin DM. Loved it, since my roomie is deathly afraid of the stuff. He used to do it, and now can't even get near a bottle of the stuff without heaving. Drank the whole 4ozs in front of him in about 2 minutes, and made sure to breathe the fumes on him :) Not a whole lot of effect, but I did not really expect much. Some dizziness, a little bit of audio hallucinations (music was a whole lot more interesting...) I was more talkative, but always felt like I was slurring my speech (even though, according to my friends, I was not.) Time seemed to move really slow. The high lasted about 4 hours, even though it felt longer. Felt tired, worn out afterwards and slept rather well... 2nd Time: Drank another 4oz of Rob-DM. Licked my lips as my roomie gagged at the sight of me drinking it (unlike others, I do not mind the taste of Robitussin too awful much, although I do have to drink plenty to get the lingering taste out of my mouth...) Much the same effects as before, but even more pronounced. No real visual-hallucinations at all. Lasted a bit longer this time, maybe 5 hours. Loads of fun walking around. Next to impossible to urinate, though :) 3rd Time: Decided to be cheap, and bought a bottle of generic Hy-Vee Brand "Tussin." Ingredient label was EXACTLY the same as Robitussin DM (I made sure to check.) Got back, drank it all in 3 mighty gulps. Taste was AWFUL! I could feel my guts beginning to churn. I sat back, waiting a bit for the effects to take hold (usually takes about 45 minutes when I drink a whole bottle at one time..) A friend came in and told me they were dragging someone up on the memorial arch at school (a big 50 foot monument to something), so I rushed out there. I helped drag him up by pulling a rope that was slung over the top, and had to do a lot of strenuous pulling. I got violently sick, and threw up in the snow by the arch. After about an hour and a half outside, I still felt no effect. Went back in and went to sleep. Absolutly no effects. Felt cheated. 4th Time: Another 4oz Robitussin. Even more effects than before. Began to get into the "oh WOW!" type syndrome. Everything became INFINATELY more interesting. I'd tend to stare off into space without blinking for moments at a time. Began having minor hallucinations, too. Posters and things on the wall would seem to jump and change places just a little bit. Slight visuals too, like a flashing off-color light field in front of my eyes for moments at a time. Lasted even longer, about 6 hours, and time felt really, really distorted. I awoke the next morning full of energy, too. 5th Time: BIG TIME. Decided to go all out, and bought the 8oz Family Size Robitussin DM. Drank it all within 10 minutes (to the absolute DISGUST of everyone in the room.) Kind of a mistake, but not really. It began like normal, dizziness, then audio-hallucinations, then slight visuals. But it continued on. I began to have more massive visuals. Big colored blobs flowing and oozing in front of my eyes. Staring at any one spot for awhile caused that spot to seem to fly away, almost like I was shrinking. My friends left me alone for awhile, and I sat in the room in the dark. More hallucinations, including one full-blown, "I do not exist, anymore"-type hallucination. I thought I was a flower. I could feel myself swaying the wind, I could see a big field of grass instead of my normal surroundings. This went away rather quickly, and has been the only real, full-out hallucination I have had yet. I was full of energy, too. I was hyper. I was bouncing off the walls in our hallway, running around, talkative. When I finally sat down, about 6 hours later, I was still buzzing. I began to get tired, and started sort of passing out. During that time, I began convulsing. I'd all of a sudden get sort of a seizure, and flail around in the chair I was sitting in. That lasted about 45 minutes, until I fell fully asleep. Awoke nice and refreshed the next day. 6th Time: I was kind of hesitant to do any more after the last experience, but I eventually downed another 4ozer (of Rob-DM). Not a whole lot, just a normal 4oz trip. I might have been holding myself back because of the experience I had with the 8ozer. 7th Time: Another 8oz Family Rob-DM. Great time. I had all the effects I had before on the 8oz, but no adverse side-effects. I was loaded with energy. The trip lasted at least 10 hours, and I was buzzing the whole time. Finally fell asleep, and woke up the next morning feeling good, but a little bit messed up still. This was probably the longest trip I have ever had on Robitussin yet. 8th (and most recent) Time: Decided to make a change, and picked up the Maximum Strength Robitussin 4oz. Drank it all in the normal 3 big gulps. Wow. I wasn't filled with as much energy as before: I couldn't bounce around as much and stuff. But the buzz, and the visuals, and everything was just the same as drinking 8oz. I had some wild visual hallucinations. For awhile, it felt like I was walking around only in 2-dimensions. Everything had length and height, but no width. Wild... The next day I was violently ill, though. I think this had more to do, though, with the fact that I was coming down with a cold all weekend, and not the Robitussin. Will I do it again? Probably. I have heard a lot about the similarity between DM-trips and LSD & Shroom-trips. I would consider trying them(LSD, Shrooms), but they are near to impossible to come by in Ass Backwards, IA where I am attending College. So you can bet I might be making a few more trips to the local supermarket for that (ahem) bad cold I got. I don't really condone the stuff. It may sound great, but there are plenty of bad effects. If you have a weak stomach, or can't handle the smell of Robitussin, then for god sakes DON'T. You'll puke. Only reason I can handle the stuff is because I kind of like the taste (strange, I know, but I still complain to my roomie that it tastes better than the Millwaukee's Best Light beer he loves to drink...) If you are depressed, or have an adversion to drugs, then for christ sakes, DON'T! If you have to drive, or work, or anything strenuous, then for satan's sake, DON'T! I had to drive a few friends to the bar about 20 minutes after drinking a bottle, and I will NEVER do that again. I had my roomie (who had not been drinking, thank god) take over for me. There, got the normal, straightedge disclaimer out of me. Enjoy... -_________________________________________________________________________- [ Christopher Johnson - Buena Vista College, Storm Lake - Cooter Claypool ] |\o/The Fiery Darts - Boom Key Grip Editor - BEWARE: pOsSiBlE sArCaSm | | | | "I found a new friend, underneath my pillow." - Language is a Virus/o\| |The New Wave of the Post Modern Ultra High Tech Kool Rave Disco Bastards!| [ Reality is just another perception of the senses - JOHNSONCHRIS@BVC.EDU ] _-------------------------------------------------------------------------_ "When I step, a weed DIES..." - Pete, King of the Detectives (Big Black)

The Place: Philadelphia, Pa. USA 3/13/93. Alone in my apartment. The Person: 28 years old. 240 pounds. Nothing better to do. The Conditions: MAJOR east coast winter storm. 1 foot plus of snow. howling winds(75mph+). sleet. thunder and lightning! PA state of emergency. ALL area interstates and airports closed. The Dosage: Total of 14oz. 4oz Robo Max Cough and 2oz Generic DM at 3pm. 8oz Robo DM over next 3-4 hours. The Synergists: Pot Only. NO Alcohol. NO Caffiene. Food before, during, and after ingestion. Heavily Stoned at start of ingestion. Effects: Starts real mellow. A body warming. Slightly drunk and dizzy. In a very good way. A "boozey" drunken feeling it is not, maybe like Seconal. A definite "in the body" thing. Started cutting corners close, bumping into walls. Destortions in my spatial perception. Sight slighly blurry, Impossible for me to read small print. Underlying calmness. Music is much more enjoyable. A kind of craving for louder and harder beats. Enjoying the textures of the tape hiss between tracks. Strange disjointed thought process. Underlying calmness. Full warping of subspace. Pin Head with expansize arms/legs. Incredible head size. Warping and folding of body. Incredible spatial distortions. Had to lie down on bed with no light. Wind was howling but i was calm. Continued spatial and mental distortions, but with a calmness telling me the trip was going to be okay. Never "totally" lost it like with LSD. Underlying calmness throughout entire trip which is unlike LSD for me. LSD tends to be a "speedy", tense kind of trip for me. Hard for me to ride an LSD trip because of the tenseness. Precautions: I got the stuff down real easy. A little iced tea chaser and i'm fine. YOU may find Robo SICKENING getting and keeping down. If you can get yourself in the mindset needed to guzzle and keep down several oz of hard liquor, you'll do fine with Robo. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT TO DRIVE DURING THIS TYPE OF BUZZ. The Verdict: WOW. This involves some further research. Will do Robo Max Cough (seems to be the strongest/purest form i can get) with some friends next week. Will check my results without the initial POT buzz. -- Scott D. Taylor Philadelphia ...uunet!gooflesh!scott

Excerpts from netnews.alt.drugs: 25-Mar-93 DM and alcohol by agaluhn@pomona.claremont > No no no no no. Bad dog. Don't do it..... [...] > Anyway, I have a warning for any who might be listening....DO NOT MIX DM AND > ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!! I'd been in a BIG argument with my girlfriend the last > couple of days, and while the two of us bitched at each other through e-mail, > I drank a not-insignificant amount of Yukon Jack....not enough to have > otherwise made me sick, but enough to be pretty drunk. Anyway, we finally > decided to talk things through in her room, and while i was waiting for her to > come pick me up (I was in no condition to get there myself), for some really > stupid reason i decided to drink the rest of this one bottle of cough syrup... > about 2.5 ounces. She arrived, we went to her room, we talked for a while, > cleared things up, and i then went to the bathroom to throw up. For 2 1/2 > hours. Not fun. > > Sooo...unless you feel like verifying this, or if puking your guts out for damn > near 3 hours sounds like a fun way to spend an evening, DO NOT MIX DM AND > ALCOHOL!!!! Nuff said? > > peace, tony > > "Reality is what you can get away with" - Robert Anton Wilson > I agree...a couple of weeks ago (actually, it was that Friday night when we had the big blizzard here on the east coast), I consumed 8-9 shots of 40 proof rum, which did not significantly intoxicate me, but definitely buzzed me somewhat. About an hour and a half later I drank 4 oz. of Robitussin DM (the kind with guanefenesin (sp) and DM). Anyway, very soon I noticed the difficulty focusing my eyes, and in about an hour, experienced nausea the likes of which I never hope to ever have again. I also broke out in an intense cold sweat (anybody else ever notice this). I don't know if these effects should be attributed to the alcohol/cough medicine combination, or just the fact that it was DM _and_ guanefenesin I had drunk, or what. Anyway, I didn't vomit, but I would have if I had moved the slightest from the sitting position I was in. The nausea passed within 5 minutes or so though, and the rest of the ~6 hour trip was mostly pleasant, with great enhancement of music perception [do ya think the guys in Phish ever did any drugs? nah :-)] and mild visuals such as trails. I definitely wouldn't recommend mixing alcohol and DM though, based on my experience. Bartley Troyan

Well, after all the messages about this stuff I decided to try it myself. Because I didn't want to get carried away I decided to try 2 oz and see what that did first. Well my first, and only, time trying that stuff was horrible. I ended up throwing up about 3 times on Saturday night. I also became very hyper and several times had problems breathing. Guess my system just doesn't like the stuff ay guys? Other symptoms included getting a fever and dizziness. This experience really scared the hell out of me. I think I'll just stick with the old methods from now on. I'm just glad I didn't take the whole damned bottle. I'm sure that would've been REALLY fun....... Jason

Ahh, Robitussin :) Well here is my $.02 worth on the subject. I recommend that wehn one does it one smokes mj about an hour later, it is in some respects like doing acid, but as hst once said, "no one has ever been able to describe what doing acid is like. Without the mj it isn't as good, but it's better than nothing, if your deperate. Make sure to get "DM" or else you'll get really sick (I knew a guy who stole the wrong kind once and got really messed up ;) If your economically limited you can go to walgreens and purhcase Waltussin, about %30 less and it does the same thing, Johan Engevik

From: (Andy "skis" Holderness) Newsgroups: alt.drugs Subject: Robo DM...had to try it Message-ID: <> Date: 15 Apr 93 22:13:57 GMT Well all of this talk about Robotussen DM made me kind of I decided to try it for myself. I ran over to the drug store and bought an 8 oz bottle of regular strenght robotussen dm. Its about 85 degrees here so i didnt even try to pretend I had a cold. I did however mention to the cashier that due to budget problems Summer may have to be cancled this year. She gave me a puzzled look and appeared to become nervous (she must have had some summer plans:)), but she happily sold me the cough medicine. I went home, flipped on the TV and in one gulp drank half the bottle. The after taste had me on my knees but I managed not to puke. I waited about 45 mins, and nothing. After about an hour I began to feel kind of loopy but it didnt seem like anything major, so I promptly quaffed the rest of the bottle. Strangely enough it tasted kind of good this time. About 15 mins later i began to feel kind of drunk, I had no coordination whatsoever. And then about 15 minbs after that WHAM! I was delerious. I felt like I was sinking into the couch. It was as if gravity had doubled or tripled. I could not focus at all, and seemed to see everything in two dimensions. I didnt ever really lose it though, and with a lot of work I could almost control the effects. Millions of thoughts began to race through my mind. After about 6 hours I began to wonder if id ever come down. I had paranoid thoughts of never coming down. Somehow I managed to figure out how to use the phone, and begged one of my friends to bring me some anti-nasua medication. Well that did the trick after about 1/16 oz I was happay again, and promtly passed out. The next morning I didnt feel bad, but I was kind of light headed. This dizzyness stayed with me for a couple of days but eventually wore off. The whole experiance was interesting... Was it worth it?...Probably not. It is NOT like any mushrooms I've ever had. So I would recomend sticking with the safer, more enjoyable options discussed in this news group, rather than pounding a bottle of cough syrup. -- -Andy When life has you down remember, you're just a figment of my imagination.

From: (Nathan.Bowen) Newsgroups: alt.drugs Subject: Re: Robitussin Message-ID: <> Date: 13 Apr 93 17:02:56 GMT In (jroberts@ux4) writes: >This may seem like a question that has been dragged through the mud, but >actually I have not seen too much information on Robitussin. When it is >mentioned, it is not made clear exactly what type of trip it gives, just that >it gives a trip. Is it hallucinogenic? Euphoric? Alcohol-like? How long >does it last? Any side effects? And what ever came of the evaporating >everything but the Dextromethorphan? What is the usual dosage (6-8 oz.'s?)? >Well, any responses would be appreciated. The trip is more of a buzz to my experience, and to that of my friends. I have been told that high dosages produce hallucinogenic effects similar to 'shrooms and LSD. I cannot deny this, because my highest dosage was 360, and most people who use it regularly have done 240 to the best of my knowledge. The usual dosage, then, is nonexistant - everyone has their own idea of how much is enough. Anything less than 240 will probably not do much more than make you a bit dizzy, groggy, and tired. 240mg would be a 4 ounce bottle of Robitussin-DM, but I would recommend avoiding this, because of the Guaifenesin it contains. You may want to go straight to 360mg, which is found in most "Maximum Strength" cough medicines, such as a certain formula of Vicks and Robitussin Maximum Strength. These also contain no guaifenesin, but usually do contain alcohol. If you can get to Canada, or have friends there who can mail things to you, you may want to consider Contac CoughCaps. They are, to my knowledge, little pills containing nothing but 30mg of DM HBr that are sold just about everywhere - with the exception of the USA. The experiences are quite unlike other mild drugs at the mild dosages. No one has recently reported here any visual hallucinations at the standard 4oz maximum strength cough syrup 360mg DM doses. On the other hand, most of us agree that our thought patterns are shifted noticeably, and there is a distinct difference to the sounds of music. Another effect that has been confirmed by several people, is the sensation that you're slurring your speech. I have actually carried on conversations with people while on heavy DM buzzes, and felt that I was slurring my speech uncontrollably, but I've been told that, in fact, the only thing that might have given me away was the "Pleasant Tasting Syrup" on my breath. Speaking for myself, I've noticed some really neat balance sensations/time distortions. A friend of mine who was kind of hanging out around my house while I was buzzing on DM suggested that I jump up and down. He's always been rather drug-free, and I wasn't preapred to take such a silly suggestion without some experience to back it up, but I finally gave in. It was great, and I kept it up for a few minutes. It's hard to explain, but I found that I landed a few seconds after I hit the ground. I also took a ball-like object and tossed it into the air to myself repeatedly. It, too, took its time about landing. Kind of novel, really. I have a collection of relevant articles on Robitussin/DM use around here somewhere, I'll clean it up and post it this week. -Nathan .