Shaman's 1200 mg DXM trip

here's my dosage regimen: (i'm 6'1'' and 270lbs) took 1 bottle of delsym, waited till that hit, then took 300mg of dxm extract, from sucrets, and then also drank a *tad* (like maybe 50mg) of a robo/orange soda mix.

Friday, january 31st, 1998.

my friend, (refered to as this girl), has never tried dxm before. all of my friends are on a mailing list we created, and we've been talking about dxm a lot recently. she was interested and wished to try some. i recently ordered some dxm from wanman, but my order did not arrive by that day, or even yet. (though i should get it soon.) so anyhow, another one of my friends (a guy), this girl, and me decided to do dxm. being that we had no pure, we had to get some otc shit, i.e. generic robo.

after buying the robo, we headed up to her house. she lives in a large lakeside house on a decent size of land. this house is awesome. it has a deck almost all the way around the house, a dock, a tennis court/basketball court, *many* rooms, a hot tub, and a thx audio/visual setup including a large projection television. the entrance to her house is amazing, when you drive down the driveway, it's like you're in jurassic park. trees cower over you, lending a junglistic oppressiveness that always touches you in some way as you drive down it. the driveway is a turnaround with a leadoff that goes to the driveway next to the house, in front of the garage. despite the trees all around, there is a clearing above the driveway, next to the house, as well as all around the house and lakeside yard itself. i go into so much detail about this house because i feel the setting had more to contribute to this trip than anything. i've done 1200mg of dxm before, and it wasn't even as profound as this trip was.

we entered the house, carried in groceries and other things we had brought, and talked for a little bit. i will make no attempt at estimating any sort of time-related chronology, as time had no meaning in this experience. after that bit of talk we decided to start taking the robo. i downed my bottle of delsym (3oz) and washed it down with orange soda. my friend put 2 bottles of robo into a 2-liter of orange soda, and started to drink that. we mixed a robo daquiri for the girl. she had a can of daquiri mix in her freezer so my other friend mixed it with a bottle of robo and some ice. a robo-daquiri. i tasted a bit, and it really didn't taste too bad, but come's still robo.

so we just sat around for a bit talking. the girl was working on putting her child to bed, while drinking her robo-daquiri, and me and my friend eventually ended up looking at her dining room ceiling. it was one of those stucko ceilings with those little white balls all over. this ceiling had glitter on it though. as i sat and looked at it, i began to notice the ceiling distorting. i looked at it like you would those stereographic images that were so popular a year or so back, and the ceiling began to "move". it became three distinct layers. one stationary and made up of the normal white stucko, one moving and made of the normal white stucko, and another one moving and made up of the glitter. they moved at different speeds and it produced a "parallax" effect.

the girl finally put her child to bed and came up to sit with us. we stopped looking at the ceiling and started to talk once again. all the while drinking robo-mixes. (now, i forgot to mention that a while back, before i looked at the ceiling, i took 300mg of dxm extract from a bag of sucrets. i did this earlier in the day, so it was just powder now. i put a little soda and my mouth and tossed all the powder in. then swallowed. certainly bad-tasting, but still do-able.) at the time we were all sitting there, i had 1-liter of orange soda mixed with a bottle of robo for myself. somehow things progressed and the girl was in a sleepy daze on the couch, while me and my friend sat on the floor listening to music. we had loaded the cd-changer with ambient and trip- hop of all sorts.

(there will be a few times where my memory gets hazy, but i will try to remember as much as possible.) so anyhow, me and my friend sat there listening to music and eventually decided it was "time" to do some nitrous. i had bought a 14-oz can of whip cream at the store and we sat down on her floor to do it. now, at this time, i kind of get confused. you see, something strange was going on. some called on the phone and the girl answered. she said it was someone "panting." like breathing heavy. she hung up and we just dismissed it as some sort of weird thing. i did my hit of nitrous and gave it to my friend. there wasn't much left, it seemed, and that struck me as quite odd. i normally just to a 7oz can, and i can barely do that in one inhalation. i didn't think i did much of that 14oz, but apparently i did a lot. then again, it was mine. so, as my friend was fooling around with it, letting it sit and doing whatever to try to get the nitrous we knew was in that can, the phone rang again. the girl answered it, and said it was the "panting" again. now, this started to freak us out a bit. we were on dxm, in an ominous location, and someone was calling and just "panting." so you see, we began to get paranoid, sort of. because we were also getting *really* fucked up on the dxm. so we tell her to *69 that mother fucker. she dials * 6 9, and the strangest number in emitted by the phone. we were silent and i could hear the number the *69 service was stating. i don't remember what the number was, but she said it was her father's line! from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

we were starting to freak now. i go, "so like, your house is calling you? and panting? that's fucked up!" we sat there silent, trying to think of what the hell could be going on. right then, amidst the ambient music playing in the background i heard voices. they started from a minimal chatter and progressed getting ever louder and louder, all the while coinciding with the musical cresendo in the music we had playing. this totally weirded me out. at this point i don't remember what exactly happened, but i'm pretty sure the lights turned on and all of a sudden we were all hit with a wall of emotions. i was experiencing fear, elation, euphoria, and all that shit. i was afraid, yet i was high and "happy". you see, two figures emerged: my two other friends. we did not expect them, but they showed up and it appeared they had been snooping around the house and stalking us for about a half-hour before this. one of them was this girl's boyfriend. it was so awsome. amidst all this was there was hugging and gretting and we were all so happy to see eachother. i was shouting, "you guys are fucking gods! you are the messiah! you guys rule! man, you are fucking divine trip enhancing gods! fucking shit! that was so cool! you guys rule!"

it was so awesome what they did. spontaneously, without our knowing they decided to show up and freak the living shit out of us. it was so cool. my friends rule.

things settled down. i gave one of my other friends what i had left of my orange soda/robo mix, and it was actually quite a bit. i only drank like maybe enough to get 50mg from it. he didn't drink it though. the other friend who came took two capfulls of robo or something, and got moderately fucked up off of it. left over from a couple weekends ago, there was a small bit of pot in a ghetto-style bong, which i will not even begin to describe. let me just tell you it was made up of a baby's cup, a straw, tin foil, and scotch tape. nevertheless there was a good bit of weed left in it. my one friend took the bottle of crap i had given to him and poured it into a pitcher so they could make a gravity bong from the 2-liter bottle. the friend that i had originally came with took the biggest hit off of it, and my other friend and his girlfriend (the girl that was with us) took a little bit of it. this is apparently what launched my friend (the one that originally was with me) through the atmos. i was already fucked up like mad from all the shit i did, but he didn't really get to all of his robo mix. he maybe drunk 1 1/4 bottles of robo total.

we all settled down by the massive entertainment center and talked. i remember i was trying to remember some shit about mesopotamians or something. i was talking about weird shit and aliens and stuff. i was definatley fucked up. we talked for a bit and eventually settled down. my two friends who freaked us out laid down on the couch and the girl was laying down too. (it was a large leather couch. L-shaped) i sat on the floor, in a sort of buddhic-meditative trance, and my other friend sat in a leather recliner. now the coolest music came on. it was the album "alien dreamtime" by space time continuum, featuring terrence mckenna. it was a live continuous recording. it consisted of ethereal ambient soundscapes under the philosophical trippy thoughts and ideas of terrence mckenna. now this cd was *fucking with my mind*. i mean serriously. it put me in a trance, and all i could do was listen. it was so awesome. i have to get this cd for myself because it truly heightened my trip. even my friends who were barely on anything later the next day told me it was fucking with their minds too. even moderatley sober this cd is powerful.

after that cd ended, and it seemd like it was playing for 24 hours or something, we put on orbital (in sides) and continued our mediative trance. all the while i was on the floor, i was warping my body in all sorts of ways, moving around with the music, at times laying still trying to astrally project to meet my other friend at "gridpoint" (now, i forgot to mention this too. earlier before my 2 friends came over and before we were fucked up, my other friend called from western washington university. he couldn't make it down, so he called us and we told him to astrally project and meet us at "gridpoint") it never happened, and i don't think anyone else got to gridpoint either. i know i made several attempts, but before i could get there i stoped for some reason.

now, my two friends had fallen asleep and the girl too. me and my other friend who was still in the recliner were still in the ambient trance, but for some reason the stars called us. we felt compelled to go outside and look at the stars. it was *cold* outside. i happen to know this. but, we were on dxm, so the cold didn't really get to us. we walked around a bit, stood looking at the stars, at the mysterious unknown. the complex structure of a universe so mysterious, so compelling, so ominous, so beautiful. it was utterly amazing. we were asking questions of eachother that i don't even remember, but they were deep, metaphysical, and powerful questions. about the universe, about life, about existence, about everything. we laid down on the cold cement and looked up at the sky for what seemed to be an hour or so. it was cold, but i did not mind it. the beauty of the stars was too overpowering.

i looked up and saw it all at once. stars. everywhere. they blurred, and the most prominent ones made themselves known. twinkling in the dark void of space. it seemed that these nebulous clouds appeared from time to time connecting certain stars. it was so amazing. so profound. as we lay there still on the pavement, looking up at the universe, thoughts and ideas of a most powerful nature crossed my mind, i was open to the inner workings of the universe. it was utterly amazing and unexplainable. i must add that there were not many lights around, so the sky was very clear. very luminescent.

after some time, we straggled in, as we were heavily intoxicated by the dxm, and we went back to the room everyone was asleep in. we sat back down and pondered what we had just experienced. we fell in the ambient groove and soon began to enter trance-like states once again. i went over to the window and looked out towards the lake. i could see lights from houses across the lake dancing on the rippling lake under the soft moonlight. it was beautiful too. all the lights blurred, but one. it stood out and came toward me across the lake. it danced, swayed, wiggled atop the surface of the lake. it seemed to float in mid-air as a vertical beam of light. quite indescribable. it was amazing however. i went back to listening to music, and entered my conscious realm. the girl and her boyfriend went to sleep down stairs, and i got onto the couch and fell asleep. i'd have to say this was the most amazing trip i've ever had. it was magical. and i think it was not so much the dosage i had taken, as i have taken more in the past, but the setting, and the course of events that took place. it was just a night destined to happen. it was a night i'll never forget.


1998 The Third Plateau
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