My First Terrible Experience With DXM

My first experience on dxm. My very good friend and i just got back to my house after eating quite a large meal. We went up to my room and both downed 4oz. bottles of robitussin. I remember sitting on my roof and analyzing anything that popped up in my mind. It was my first time so i kept asking my friend when i was going to feel the effects. I waited and waited and then finally it hit me. At first my whole room turned red. It would switch from a lighter red to a darker on and off. We popped the cure into the stereo and turned off all the lights.

After analyzing things, we went off to explore. We walked into a spare room i had were all there was was a drum set and a couch. At first i shivered alot and my speech was slurred. The whole left side of my body was numb. I felt really sick so my friend and i went into the bathroom and locked the door. I began to vomit a whole lot, and then began to talk to the toilet. By this time i was so out of my mind. As soon as i walked out that door I layed on the floor. Something happened where my friend and i must have had the same thoughts because we both started feeling as if we were posessed. At that point we had totally convinced ourselves that we were posessed. All my moves were sharp and fast. As i was crawling around on the floor my friend began to bite a drum stick and look at me as if he was going to kill me. He then became sick and went into the bathroom and i stayed outside lying by the bathroom door.

I remember hearing very loud high pitched screams that sounded like a girl was getting gutted. At this point i began to get scared and nervous. A few hours later we went down the stairs to watch t.v. and fall asleep. I kept asking my friend if i was going to die. I remember convincing myself that i was going to die and that i could not move. I remember lying on the couch feeling paralized. It got so bad that my friend was about to go wake up my mother. I stopped him and then he soon fell asleep. I was alone on the couch eyes wide open. I remember lying there the whole night wondering if i was ever going to wake up again. At about six in the morning i woke up. I felt so happy and so releived that it was over. The whole rest of the day i was sick to my stomach and had very terrible headaches. I think one of my mistakes was thinking to much about what was going to happen and believe analyzing everyting did not help to much either. My first experience was the most terrible one i had experienced in my whole life, but now i trip dxm alot and i know what to expect and all the trips i have had so far have been enjoyable.

1998 The Third Plateau
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