DXM Tips and Tricks

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General DXM information:

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General DXM information

Is DXM like acid?

> Hey all,
> I just went out and bought a 4oz bottle of Robitussin Maximum Strength
> (active ingredient: Dextromethorphane Hydrobromide USP 15mg) this is
> the right stuff I assume?
> Anyway, I was wondering what some fun stuff to do while you're on DXM
> is..I've dropped acid 5 or 6 times before and that's always fun, is
> 4oz of DXM much like this?
> I'm going to be drinking it myself, I will have 2 other friends there
> but they will only be stoned and probably fall asleep long before I
> do, I will probably be stoned too..is this going to make the effect
> much better or worse?

I have been where you are at! When I heard about cough syrup being a drug I instantly beleived that it would be like acid-that is not the case. I drank a bottle and a half, then kicked it at my freinds house-to my horror I found out the truth of DXM. Here's how DXM works. Its more along the lines of Ketamin and dmt, drugs that you don't move around to have fun with. they are drugs that take place in the mind. With DXM, the best thing to do is to be by your self (And BTW weed makes DXM a very uncomfortable drug, when I smoked a whole fatty joint all by myself, then took a bottle of robo everything became too intense. The music that I had playing was too intense, I had to turn it off it was so, not all that fun.). Best time to do it is at night, obviously, on your bed with your favorite song (doesn't have to be any lame shamanic drum beat or anything, just songs that you like). be warned, DXM is nothing like acid! At higher doses people can't walk, and it is uncomfortable to keep yuour eyes open. DXM lkiterealy seperates your mind from your body, allowing incredible images to flow in your minds eye. So much cool shit will be going on inside yuor head when your eyes are closed that you will prefer your imagination to the real world. DXM produces no "visual trips", the only visual distortion usually at higher doses, more imagination that visual is the only way I could explain it. But let me imphesise once again, I had probably one of the shittiest times of my life doing that drug with my freinds, yet now I find DXM to be one of the best drugs one could ever do (This is taking into consideration its saftey as well! DXM is a very safe drug! It becomes toxic at around 700 (note: this is misinformation, the real limit is somewhere around 30mg/kg) mg for the average person, that's about 9 bottles, good luck drinking that much!). Whenever I do DXM I don't ever plan to be walking around much. I just came back from europe, and I did dxm on the plane ride home, it was a blast. Just sitting in my seat, eyes shut having a ball.

Of course you are asking, well if it isn't like acid, then how is it? You will see in your mind's eye dreams,-that's it, yes the best way I can say it is that you will be dreaming while awake. there really is no waay to explain it, key things to enjoying it however is to usually be by yourself, unless others are on it as well, and be ready to kick back for about 5 hours or more, with some music preferably. DXM IS NOT A DRUG THAT MOVING AROUND A LOT IS A FUN THING TO DO!

How to avoid nausea on DXM

This mainly assumes you will be drinking cough syrup because most of it deals with not vomiting and making your stomach feel minty fresh. I usually follow these when I take pills too, though.

1) Refraim from eating anything before taking the DXM. You don't have to fast for a week, but wait until there's not much in your stomach, so it will take effect quicker.

2) Eat carbohydrates before, during, and after taking the DXM. Not to much, though. Just eat a little bread or munch on a few crackers. This will help your stomach a lot and it will temporarily absorb some DXM so you will feel less of an urge to vomit. Also, this helps ease the impact of the glucose on your stomach.

3) Get some OJ. Orange juice. Right after you chug the DXM, drink some juice. Since DXM is a base and OJ is acidic, it will help even out your stomach. This really helps a lot.

4) Get someplace to lie down. Don't use a waterbed, either. It feels very natural to kneel in front pf a toilet with one hand on your stomach for a little bit after drinking a whole bottle.

Note that these don't just apply to stuff with guafinesin (which causes vomiting). Just the taste of most cough syrups will make anyone a little queasy. If you do all these steps, you shouldn't barf at all.

.pneyz.ganja -/- pneyz@armory.com -\-

Chlorpheniramine Maleate and overdosing

> I need desperately to know the overdose rate for Chlorpheniramine
> Maleate. How much can one take safely without negative(and possibly
> dangerous side effects.

Personally, I've would up getting well over 150mg without any problems.... chlorpheniramine (and for that matter the phenindamines as a class) if one of the least toxic antihistamines....

A quick tip from experience- you'll find an antihistamin/DXM trip's more fun than straight DXM anyway, IMHO....


The availability of DXM in other countries besides the US

DXM in Australia

> I hope this hasn't been beaten out at some time already, but are there
> any Aussies around with recommendations re DXM sources here?
> What about *pure* DXM? Anyone?

Youre outta luck for the pure stuff... All I can say is there are plenty of common chemist cold and flu tablets that have a mixture of pseudoephidrine and dxm in them. Orthoxicol being one brand. Some have paracetamol and youd do well to avoid them ones at all costs. Unless you are confident you are able to extract the dxm relatively pure from the shit.

Or you can chug down robitussen DM (has guafenisen - Makes you sick as, but is the strongest of the dxm brands!) or Robitussen DM-p which has Pseudoephidrine instead of guafenisen, and half the amount of DXM.

I prefer the psuedoephidrine as I dont really mind the shit speedy effect, but you need to drink at least two bottles of that shit.. Believe me, that is a hard thing to do. Like drinking glue and rasberry cordial without water.. I've heard that you can get stroke from excess Pseudoephidrine, aswell. Look it up properly if you want to be sure..

I heard somewhere that if you freeze it, you can remove the guafenisen from the dxm? I dunno but it might be worth a try.

BTW, if you know of any tablets that contain DXM and pseudoephidrine, let me know.. i'm sick of trying to read the lables on the boxes when the nurses are asking me 'may I help you'... :)

DXM in Italy

>Does anyone know whether DXM is available in Sweden? Can anyone from
>there tell me in what name it's distributed and the best way to attain

I live in Italy, any I used Fluprim by Roche and I think it's available all over Eurpean Comunity.

It's GREAT 300 mg per bottle of lozanges or syrup. 327 mg per box of tablets (20 tablets) and it's the ONLY active ingredient. Otherwise try Vicks for DRY cough (one with the red label) but it has only 150 mg per bottle of syrup and sometimes made me on the point of puking only because of its taste

Please tell me if it 's available in Sweden

DXM in Germany

In germany, DXM comes under the name of Dr. Rentschler Tuss Hustenstiller Retardkapslen. If you just call it Dr. Rentschler, Germans will know what you mean.

I was watching the telly and an advert for Vicks Vaposryup came on. That one with the scottish bloke with the bucket of water and window scraper. In the small print at the borttom of the screen i just noticed something like:
"Contains Dextromethorphan and Guifenasin."
So i know one brand in the Uk with DXM in now. Anyone else know any others? Hear too much about the US ones, but never uk. So next time i get a cough ill have 4 times the recommended amount, which i guess shouldn't make me feel sick and give a lower first plateau effect. Ill say it again: Anyone else know any others Uk brands?

DXM in the UK

Vick Vaposyrup Dry Cough; contains 20mg of Dextromethorphan per 15ml. I didn't note how many ml's were in the bottle unfortunately, i would guess 200ml. So thats about 300mg-350mg per bottle. Its about £3.49. The additives are the regulars like alchohol and sucrose, nothing that struck me as being dangerous to consume in large doses. I did only get a 10 second glance at the box in a pharmacy. Whoever goes out and tries this; i would suggest a 1/3 of a bottle first time, to test the water as it were.

-Paul Slater

here is a list of what I hope are all UK medicines containing DXM, listed in alphabetical order. If I've missed any, well, what the fuck, nobody's perfect.

Before diving headfirst into any of these substances READ THE LABEL FIRST. Not all are suitable for abuse. The Junior versions are often not good value for money.

Avoid like the plague anything which contains paracetamol. The average drug abuser's liver has enough do do without detoxifying unnecessary shit like that.

Next, avoid if possible stuff which contains useless ingredients like guiaphenasine, (aka guiaphenasin, guaifenesin,etc) and diphenylhydramine.

Swallowing large quantities of stuff like sugar and menthol is just one of the crosses that you are going to have to bear on the path to enlightenment I'm afraid.

I look forward to seeing the Which? report on abusable DXM OTC medicines. Robitussin Super Strength Capsules are reputed to be #1, but I cannot find them


DXM in Spain

I live in Spain and bought Romilar, by Roche.

It has DXM as the only active ingredient.
The syrup has 15mg/5ml in a 150ml bottle, which makes 450mg in a bottle.
It also comes in boxes of 20 tablets with 15mg per tablet, and drops (lozanges?), with 15mg/ml in a bottle of 20ml, that is, 300mg each.


DXM in Denmark

I live in denmark, and has recently discovered dxm, i have only tried 1st and 2nd plateau doses, in denmark you can buy some pills called "Dexofan", they come in a package of 20, with 30mg in each, this is much easier to take, than drinking cough syrup.


Making Robo easier to Down

This is a suggestion for people who have trouble drinking a bottle of cough syrup, try putting some in a big mug of coffee it makes the coffee barely bareable but much better than straight cough syrup. it works, I happen to be drinking some as I write this, and the coffee doesn't taste nearly as bad now as it did when I started. This is my third time doing DXM and I think I could get to like this....

I always take it one shot at a time, swallowing the shot before it hits my tounge, and washing it down with a bunch lemonade. No problem whatsoever.

Here's something that works really well, even tho it seems a bit eccentric: What you need:

1 glass full of water
1 glass with as much Robo as you want to take
Running COLD water

first, take a sip of water. be SURE, no matter what you do NOT smell the cough syrup, it'll make you wanna gag! Then, take about 5-6 fast, deep breaths then plug your nose and drink all of the cough syrup without unplugging your nose. immediatly drink the remaining water in the glass. then drink 2 more full glasses. now, with your nose still plugged, coat all of your mouth with toothpaste and the, exhale slowly through your mouth and nose. Minty Fresh!

On the note of getting it down, I would recommend those two bastions of western civilization: EZ-Cheez and NuGrape. (Ginger Ale also works well, but NuGrape is so far the best) The EZ-Cheez helps with the thick coating in the back of your throat, and the NuGrape makes the robo, or locally Vicks 44 Cough Relief (tm), taste like the much more palatable Dimetapp (tm) grape flavored non-nasty cough stuff, which unfortunately contains too many ingredients to be useful in the same capacity. Another technique that may or may not work with Vicks, depending on when the last time you did it was, how much you hate it, and whether you can stand to do it again, is to go ahead and smell it until you're used to the smell, then drink it. Out of the three times I tried this, it worked once really well. The other two times it made me really ill. REALLY ill. Most of all, if you're going to drink three bottles of cough syrup, don't eat twizzlers and junior mints together for a few days or you will, I repeat you *will* not like it.


Robo Jello

To make Robo Jello, go by directions on Jello box, but instead of the cup of cold water substitute 8oz Robo. Chill as directed. The jello traps most of the nasty taste of the Robo and slides down fairly easily. This will recipe won't win any culinary prizes, but may help those who that have trouble stomaching 8ozs of cough syrup. Bon appetite


Fruit Roll-Ups Method (with powder form)

I went to the store and bought a package of fruit roll ups. The fruit candy came rolled in thin strips about one inch wide. I measured out some DXM powder then tore off a three inch long strip of fruit roll up and creased the middle like a rolling paper. I then poured the powder into the roll up and folded the ends together and made a small ball of it with the powder inside.

The fruit roll passed plaeasantly over my tongue and went down without a hitch. No hint of yucky DXM. This seemed like the perfect delivery method. No nasty syrup, no gross powder, no sucking cough drops for an hour. In a short time I was getting a buzz and feeling quite pleased with myself.


Lemon-shot method (with powder form)

I just received my dxm powder from Wanman. Now, I don't really like the idea of capsules because of the noticbly long set in time. So, I was trying to think of ways to just take it fast. I tried orange juice but that didn't work worth a shit. Made me gag a lot. After many different tests I finally figured it out. DxM appears to dissolve in pure lemon juice. Plus the overbearing lemon flavor hides the chemical taste of the dxm. Just take a small amount, say 2 tablespoons of pure lemon juice and dissolve your amount of dxm into it. Then drink it like a shot and chase it with something good, such as o.j. Worked for me, thought I'd pass it along.


Techno-Perfume method (with powder form)

Maybe it's time for my recipie for ....


Alcohol may be doubled (if you are using a lot of DXM). The alcohol helps dissolve the DXM citrate (extracted from syrup via Agent Lemon), and also helps the taste a bit.

"It's an acquired taste". Actually, not too bad after you get the hang of it. I don't think of this as a shooter. The name, which incidentally is the title of a book in progress about DXM users and culture, comes from the taste of the product when made with extracted DXM and reflects not only the powerful tastes of DXM and Lemon Blitzer, but also the taste of the residual flavorings in cough syrup.

-William White

Other quick ways to down cough syrup


Other quick ways to down powder


Info on the Coricising effect

The Coricising Acquired Tolerance Effect:
The interesting thing about Coricidin is, unlike Robitussin or any other method of use I've found, Coricidin seems to induce a highly negative response to constant users. This usually begins as a mild nausea at smelling the pills, progressing to nausea at the sight of them, thinking of them, etc.. Eventually, it seems to progress to vomiting *every time* you take them, and so on up until the person can actually vomit at seeing the BOX of pills in a store. This has happened to over 20 people I know personally, including myself. One friend who took roughly 900mg a day for a summer, vomits if you even mention coricidin to him. Personally, I have to physically stop myself from vomiting upon looking at the box. Thus, I do not take coricidin anymore


Why you shouldn't take Benylin Recreationally


It is rumored (also in the faq) that it contains castor oil, which is kinda like guaifenisin, except in addition to vomiting, it makes a person have diarrhea. It happened to someone close to me who has DXMed a hundred times and has never vomited more than once before while on DXM. He was on the toilet all night and was puking in a bucket in front of him. Reports of this have also appeared on #DXM (efnet). I've found Benylin cheap, so it is good for extraction purposes only (unless the castor oil ends up in the finished product).

Benylin adult formula comes in an orange and white box. It contains 4fl oz. of medicine and 354 mg of DXM as the only active ingredient. It is funny how castor oil is not listed as any of the ingredients. Then again, if anyone was to find a way to sew Parke-Davis and win, it would mean that DXM as an OTC drug would be in the past, so just don't drink the stuff.

Info on DXM and Serotonin Syndrome

This is actually very important. I took DXM about a year ago, while on Paxil, an SSRI similar to Prozac. Serotonin syndrome most certainly is a result and very, very, very, unpleasant. Vomiting and something which can not even begin to be called something as pleasant as diarrhea were two of the major side effects. I got off the medication and tried it again, which took guts, believe me. No bad effects. In any event, warn people. If they are on Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft, the results could be anywhere from extremely unpleasant, to deadly. Any other drugs in that class, or MAOIs, for that matter, could be reeeeeeeally nasty. When I tried it, there was no information whatsoever about this, and one person even told me that it would "Probably be okay" if I took them together. It wasn't. Not to down DXM, or Paxil, just the combination.

Information on combining DXM and ecstacy

This describes the feeling of DXM & Ecstacy.
I call it Robo-Flipping

1. How To Do It?

Take your E. About 30 minutes after the E hits you, take a 1st plateau of DXM. Find a comfortable place to sit until the DXM nausea passes. After you feel fine get up and walk around.

2. What are the effects?

The feeling over you body is incredibly. Just like the incredibly tingle you get over your body with Ecstacy, yet it feels as though something is trying to push out from under your skin. It doesn't feel bad though. It's a good feeling. The tingle is very aggressive. Simliar to taking N20 while on Ecstacy. The thing is that the tingle comes in waves. Small waves and then biger and bigger until you come down. The waves work in almost the same way as combining LSD with Ecstacy.

You feel as though you are floating over everything. You feel more in control. Anything you uncover about yourself on DXM becomes more positive and clearer with the Ecstacy.

Auditory effects are incredible, its as if the music you hear is being absorbed by your whole body and shot out through your head or feet. A feeling of being the music.

3. How is the comedown?

It makes the Ecstacy comedown much more gentle than before.

4. What NOT to do!

Take the ecstacy after the DXM. It will kill the DXM and the Ecstacy and leave you feeling spun or jet lagged.
Take any alcohol with it. Guaranteed to bad trip!
I do not know about using Ecstacy with anything above a first plateau DXM trip. I advise caution if you try to do so.

Hope this information is beneficial.


Recreational DXM use mentioned in a college textbook

Just picked up a college textbook called "Drugs, Society, and Human behavior" for a little recreational reading. It is suprisingly very informative and covers a large range of drugs, from DMT to tobacco to prescription drugs. It is copyright 1996, so it is quite updated. I recommend it for anyone who is interested to read about how drugs work without too many complex scientific terms.

anyway, back to the purpose of this message: In the chapter on OTC drugs, DXM gets it's very own page with its story on abuse potential. here is a little blurb:

High school and college students have been 'getting high' with large doses of OTC cough suppressants containing dextrometrophan (DM). Possibly, students first came on the effects of DM by drinking large quantities of Robitussin containing alcohol. However, the effects reported by those using 4 to 8 oz (up to 720 mg DM) could not be due to the less than 1/2 ounce of alcohol in them in include visual and auditory hallucinations and in some case seizures. The altered psychological state may last several hours. The few cases reported in the literature and individual reports from college students indicate that habitual use (twice a week or more) is common.

They go to mention how the Swedish govt has restriced DXM, and how there were 2 DXM related fatalaties in Sweden, and how in the US, DXM has been underground, spread by word of mouth,etc.

But one interesting thing. They actually QUOTED a USENET posting to describe the experience!

One 1995 posting to the alt.psychoactives newsgroup on the Internet described a user's first DM experience, after taking 20 capules of an OTC cough remedy (600mg DM).

They go on to quote a story of flying and leaving the body and such ..

anyway .. looks like the DXM thing is getting a little popular, being mentioned in a college textbook..


DXM and flashbacks

>Now though every so often i will be sitting at the computer or something
>and suddenly this wave of dissociation, for lack of a better word, washes
>over me and i get a hint of what my trip was like.

In all likelihood it's just a flashback (which can happen with any intense experience), where something (often something subtle in your environment, or in you subconscious) brings back the memory of how it felt on DXM.

There are a few other (rare) possibilites. Can you be a little more specific about a few things ... in particular,
- how does your "body" act while this happens?
- is there any feeling or sensation that happens right before it starts?
- how do you feel after it is over?
- does anything seem to trigger it?

Flashbacks can be unsettling but if you aren't bothered by it, well, think of it as, like you said, a glimpse of an interesting way of perceiving the world. But if it gets worse, I'd see a neurologist.

-response by William White. Taken from usenet alt.drugs.

Why you shouldn't take DXM pills with salbutamol

>I am interested in the health effects of these cough tablets, called Redol
>Comp. One tablet contains 30mg dextromethrophan and 2mg salbutamol. I
>haven't heard of this salbutamol before. If one would consume 30 of these
>tablets (that would be 900mg DXM and 60mg salbutamol), how would that
>effect, besides the DXM trip? Is salbutamol harmful at 60mg? What kind of
>effect would it have on the body? If it is not healthy to take such an
>amount of salbutamol, how much of it would it be recommended to take,

*DO NOT* use these recreationally. Salbutamol is a beta agonist, used as a bronciodilator (often for asthma). In large doses it can cause heart irregularities, panic attacks, high blood pressure, and if you take too much, death due to heart failure. Adding in DXM to this means you may very well be dead by the time you reach a recreational dose of DXM.

-response by William White. Taken from usenet alt.drugs.

"DXM Vision"

Hi, im wondering if anybody here has experence DXM vision. I define DXM vision as shutting your eyes while "not" on DXM and seeing a grainy still shot of what your eyes where focus upun before you closed them. Also, if I focus my eyes upun something, let's say the wall for instance, the light will bend and move, sometimes little laser lights will appear. I haven't did DXM for 2 weeks, so could I be suffering from DXM withdrawel or something? Thanks for your time....



Yeah ... actually most people get that *if* they concentrate and focus on their afterimages. DXM just makes you more aware of it, that's all. There's also that weird "liquid vision" effect at high doses where people describe it as looking through a thick, clear liquid, and then the effect someone described to me as the "Third Eye Wacky-Cam" where it feels like you can close your eyes and still see. I think the latter is related to what you're describing. Most psychedelics dork with vision.

>Also, if I focus my eyes upun something, let's say the wall for
>instance, the light will bend and move, sometimes little laser lights
>will appear. I haven't did DXM for 2 weeks, so could I be suffering
>from DXM withdrawel or something? Thanks for your time....

I doubt it's withdrawal, it's probably just the same mechanism as flashbacks, and will probably go away with time. If you're worried about it, take a multivitamin daily and get plenty of exercise and sleep; not a specific cure but generally good for body and brain. There does seem to be a withdrawal from extremely regular DXM use but I've never heard of what you describe. That's not to say it isn't possible, I just think it's more likely that it's either a sort of flashback, or that you are just newly aware of the numerous idiosynchrasies of visual processing (which most people can see if you point them out).


Slight flashbacks after smoking

Hey does anyone ever notice if you smoke pot or a cigs a few days after a DXM trip you can bring back the empathy effects and tracers somewhat? I last dosed 2 weeks ago and I still can do this a little. Oh yea btw I had a little flashback today, I was in the shower today and the walls appeared to be moving in and out like they were breathing. I used to be a heavy DXM user back in DEC and Jan, now I quit for good, I only use DXM when I have a cold now. I assume since I do not dose anymore these flashbacks and what not will go away soon. Thanks!



I noticed this to with great joy after my first acid trips. And after doing ecstacy 20 or so times, and acid perhaps 10, I find that these effects are strongest just right after the grove-fealing. Trips permanently alters the effect of hash and pot, all highs are influenced by your experiences, so a person that has a bad trip might not like to smoke hash and weed that often. But for people who love tripping, pot just gets better :)

-Nikolai Dragnes

Problems with Chlorphineramine Maleate

I was prescribed this drug as a child from ages 6 until 16, when puberity finally alleviated my allergies.

It was a prescription drug for many years--and for good reason.The first year I was taking it I kept falling asleep. I was on 25 milegrams at a time, and that was in a time realease capsule--of course being 6 I probably only weighed --? I don't know ,maybe 50 lbs. I then went to 12 milegrams in a time released capsule and that was what I needed to alleviate my allergies but there were side effects still Mainly an edgy feeling that just cannot be ignorred and a pressure in your head that sometimes was present and other times not. When it became an over the counter drug it was packaged in 4 mg tablets--so thats what I took Not being time released anymore--the medicine hit you all at once and 4mg was enough to cause the edgy feeling but not the pressure headache.In highscool I started dosing on lsd and the easily available but yucky mescaline tablets. My alergy medicine was a buzzkill. More importantly than that though--If people are going to get a buzz off cough medicine(something I have never done or heard of anybody doing)if taken in large quanities , chlorphineramine maleate is painful to your brain--a headache will ensue that wont go away until its out of your system and then you will still feel terrible because of what it did chemicaly to your brain. Its not a regular headache or one that I could describe to you in terms of comparing it to other headaches it is unique to this medication and others like it. When it was going through trials at the FDA the drug companies used all there muscle and infuence to get it made over the counter. It really shouldn't be!!

I spent this time writing this letter in such detail because after browsing through your site you didn't seem to put enough emphasis on this subject. It should be there right below acetamenaphine not as toxic but the prolonged effects of abusing or using it are a decreased mental accuity and focus and in general a shitty mood that you may not understand a lower quality of life not a better one!!


Extraction and information on pure DXM powder

DXM taste in freebase form

> I've just made my first batch of DXM , extracted from Robitussin DM ,
> and i noticed that i got a strong numb sensation of the mouth and lips.
> Is this from the DXM itself, or isn't my base pure ?? Does anyone know?

Response 1:

Interesting. sure it's dxm freebase and not cocaine freebase? :)

i've extracted dxm from robitussin max strength cough and cold, but *never* from robitussin dm. the "dm" version contains other compounds which i would expect to interfere with the acid-base extraction. (i'm not sure off hand what the other compounds are...)

if you've done the extraction properly, you should get a nice collection of fine, pure white crystals. that's the dxm... at least when you do the extraction using robo max strength cough and cold. a taste of pure dxm will leave you the nastiest, most bitter taste you could imagine. if your extraction wasn't the best, but still pretty damn decent, you might get a little orangish/reddish gel stuff in the crystals. that's nothing to worry about, since that's just the syrup/glycerin that the cough syrup is made of. sometimes a little gets through to the evaportation stage of the extraction.

no matter how you extract it, a taste of the final product should not give you a numbing sensation of your lips/mouth; it should be bitter.

what kind of base did you use? what was your non-polar solvent? every time i extracted the dxm, i used 3.4N sodium hydroxide as my base and hplc grade n-heptane as the non-polar solvent. seems to work good...

Response 2:

>i've extracted dxm from robitussin max strength cough and cold, but
>*never* from robitussin dm. the "dm" version contains other compounds
>which i would expect to interfere with the acid-base extraction. (i'm not
>sure off hand what the other compounds are...)

the DM version works just fine, it just has less DXM total in the bottle (2/3 as much), which you need to take into account when figuring dosages. the other compounds all come out in the extraction.

>if you've done the extraction properly, you should get a nice collection
>of fine, pure white crystals. that's the dxm... at least when you do the

the other extraction method doesn't produce those crystals... just a clear (or milky, if you substitute ascorbic acid for the citric acid) liquid.

>extraction wasn't the best, but still pretty damn decent, you might get a
>little orangish/reddish gel stuff in the crystals. that's nothing to worry
>about, since that's just the syrup/glycerin that the cough syrup is made
>of. sometimes a little gets through to the evaportation stage of the

the alternate extraction method always gets all of the syrup/glycerin out, but if you do the extraction not quite right (i.e., not enough ammonia), you'll just have less DXM in the final product. the one time it happened to me, i just ended up in plateau 1 instead of 2.

What is the shelf life of DXM?

> Does anyone know the shelf life of extracted DXM HBr? I would imagine
> that it might have something to do with the expiration date, but, then
> again, the extracted DXM isn't affected by the inactive ingredients.

Keep it away from light and temps above 60F/16C (store it in your refrigerator) and it should last almost forever.

What's the best method of ingesting DXM freebase?

>My big plan upon ordering USP-grade DXM was to ingest the stuff
>by emptying a few cold capsules and filling them with the powder.
>Now that I actually have the powder, though, this seems a bit more
>daunting. The cold capsules I have won't open easily; they're
>"tamper-proof", darn the luck, and I can't quite seem to replace
>the contents of one without breaking it.

Many "health food" stores sell empty gelcaps. Or, just look for any cheap stuff in regular gelcaps (Vit. C maybe) and use them. Actually filling the caps can be a little tricky. It helps to find a nail with a head that just fits the cap; use it to tamp down the material. Use a piece of glossy paper, or foil, maybe 3x3 inches and crease it down the middle to make a kind of "funnel".

>My question is, has anyone found an ideal method of ingestion of pure DXM
>powder? By ideal, naturally, I mean without having to taste the DXM
>powder at all, and preferably in one gulp. A friend of mine suggested
>using rice paper to wrap my dose, so we might try that. Any
>other suggestions are very welcome.

Caps are very handy! You might try mixing it in tangy V8 juice; this will cover a lot of tastes.

What's the best cough medicine to extract?

> Whats the Best cough medicine for it??

The best is the generics that list Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide as the *only* active ingredient. DXM is the same no matter who makes it. Stay away from the syrups that also contain Guaffinsen syrup or Acetamenophin. Acetaminophin is Tylenol and can cause kidney failure in overdoses, causes almost instant and excrutiatingly painful death (I know someone that OD'd on it). Guaffinesen syrup is an expectorant that helps you cough up phlegm when you cough. You'll also notice that there is A LOT more of it than DXM per dose on the bottle. This is because in high volumes it causes nausea and vomiting. You'll also notice that this chemical can be found in other OTC drugs like Mini-Thins, for the express and sole purpose of discouraging people from taking high doses of the drugs (Mini-Thins used to be pure ephedrine aka "legal speed").

> What the easiest procedure?

I have found that the easiest procedure is to pass up the syrups (they make me gag) and buy a box of Drixoral Liqui-Caps. The Liqui-Caps are pure DXM (with a little food coloring), and do not have the taste or the syrup fillers that cough syrup does. The caps are 30mg a piece and come in boxes of 10 (which comes out to 300mg per box for those of you who are mathematicly challenged). The boxes usually run around $5.00 US, and are available in drug stores and grocery stores throughout the US. Again, take note of the box and make sure that the only active ingredient is DXM (Drixoral makes these things with all the extra goodies too, e.g. "Cold Caps", etc.). The caps do take a little while to dissolve, but when you figure the syrup dilutes the DXM in your stomach it evens out to about 45 minutes before you feel the effects. I you have never done DXM, I would STRONGLY recommend starting at a lower dose and working your way up. Seeing as a DXM trip can last anywhere from roughly 8-12 hours, you really don't want to be further gone than you expected for that long. Also, dissociatives can be nauseating to some people in high doses. The "hangover" that some people experience is mostly a feeling of groginess the day after. I noticed that I was yawning the entire day afterward, and that my muscles (especially in my neck and back) seemed stiff and tense.

> And what r some ways to consume it after extraction?

If you insist on extracting Dextromethorphan freebase from Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, EXTREME precaution must be exercised. Due to the addition of Sodium Hydroxide (a toxic chemical and EXTREMELY basic <-- pH scale) the extract must be washed thoroughly before ingestion. Even if you wash all the NaOH from the freebase, the freebase in it's purest form is also extremely basic and has been known to cause slight chemical burns on people with sensitive skin (most often just a red, "raw", sore spot on the skin). As a result, you should ALWAYS take the freebase with an acidic drink in an effort to neutralize the solution. If it is not neutralized, DXM freebase may cause ulcers or other stomach disorders. I have always used orange juice, because it is rather acidic as far as common beverages go (usually about 20-25 oz. per 200 mg of freebase). You can mix it in the orange juice, or wait for the powder to dry, put it in a capsule, and take it with the orange juice. NOTE: If you mix it in the orange juice, be aware that the drink will be exceptionally bitter (worse than cough syrup for some people). Another important thing to keep in mind is that although the trip may not be stronger or induced quicker by DXM freebase, it does hit you all at once instead of gradually peaking.

If this is your first time trying DXM, I would suggest holding off on the freebase until you deside whether or not the robotrip is right for you. The reaction I have encountered most with DXM is that people either love it or hate it with a passion. I find it enjoyable from time to time, and recommend doing something that moves you such as an amusement park or even going for a car ride. DO NOT DRIVE!! At high doses especially, DXM can impare your ability to focus or even perceive what your eyes are seeing, although you will be aware of changes in light or dark. When I said going for a car ride, I meant letting a sober friend drive and you be amused by sitting and watching everything fly past you out the window. Rollercoasters can be a religious experience for lovers of DXM. ;> Although, some people find motion nauseating, especially those already nauseated by the dissociative. Have fun and be safe. It doesn't hurt to learn as much as you can about a substance *before* trying it. Over doses are most often caused by ignorance. I don't remember the LD50 for DXM off hand (the lethal dose in 50% of lab animals tested), but I think it is somewhere around 30mg per kg of body weight, which makes it a relatively safe drug. If you are interested in finding out the actual LD50 for DXM, go to your local book store and ask where the PDRs are (the Physicians' Desk Refernce). Then you can look it up in there. I wouldn't recommend buying a PDR, because they are like $50.00 USD and a new one is put out every year. Happy tripping.

A good DXM trip resulting from the Agent Lemon extraction

I have tried DXM in various doses and never had a good experience. All I got was sick/fever/itching/psycotic thoughts. I assume that I lacked the enzyme that breaks down the DXM to DXO.

Then I read about the Agent Lemon extraction method. As a side effect, excess acid in the acid stage converts to DXM to DXO. So I figured I would give it one more try. I used ammonia, napthna, and abscorbic acid. Gel capped the resulting DX absorbate powder and dosed to a first plateau. All the good things I read about DXM came true. No sickness/fever/itching/psycosis at all. Just a lot of fun. A happy feeling, drunk like body buzz, active imagination, roll around on the bed and listen to music, move my limbs in an exaggrated way. My eyes used to dialate fully on DXM but with the new method they remained normal. I imagined a fairy with wings who spread a happy feeling. She was yellowish color, like the color of the powder I ingested. I guess her name was Dixie Mae. The feeling made me remember things I had long forgotten. It was fun that lasted about 6 hours.

-Mr. Appleseed

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