A usenet poster's third plateau experience

Last night around 10:00 pm EST I drank one bottle (238 ml, 3 ml dxm/tsp) of Brooks Tussin Maximum Strength Cough on a full stomach...I'm only 130 lbs...

It was between 1 1/2 and 2 hours before I felt the first effects..general giddiness and trouble keeping my balance. My skin started to itch (this often happens to me on DXM...I don't think it's allergic since antihistamines don't have any affect...does this happen to anyone else?) and my scalp felt like it was tightening/growing smaller...I started to lose feeling in my face and extremities.

I was listening to music (Porno for Pyros...I don't like them but for some reason they seemed to fit the trip perfectly) and felt inclined to dance. I kept tripping over stuff in my room so I decided to take my stereo out onto the deck where there was more open space and I could dance under the stars.

I don't have a boombox...I have a component system. Don't ask me HOW I managed to get my reliever, CD player, and two LARGE speakers out onto the deck, hooked up, and working, but somehow I did. I also brought out my lava lamp and put it on a table out on the deck.

Bouncing around on the deck was magic...I could hardly keep my balance (partly because I was dizzy, partly because I couldn't feel anything below my hips) but it didn't matter. I looked up and was amazed by the stars...the trees...(I live in a very rural area)

I would have no idea how long I danced except that I remember the CD repeated twice, so probably around 1 1/2 hours. In the back of my head I was a little worried I would dehydrate, but I never actively did anything about it.

While I was dancing, around 12:45 I think, my mom, an old collage friend of hers, and my younger sister arrived back home from a play they were at. They looked up and saw my dancing wildly on the deck with a lava lamp and music playing; I called down "I'm a star dancer and I'm having a star dancer party" by means of an explanation...my mom came and danced with me for a few minutes. She used to be a hippie and she certainly knew the score. My sister stood at the door and I couldn't recognize her...I had absolutely no idea who she was until I got within 1 foot of her.

I was still about an hour away from my peak, and the trip was constantly getting stronger. Eventually I couldn't balance anymore and sat down on a deck chair. I closed my eyes, and tried to conjure up some CEVs...I wasn't sure if the dose would be enough, but I figured it was worth a try.

The lava lamp generated constantly changing color patterns on the inside of my eyelids, and I could very clearly see the inside of my eyelids swirling around (this reminded my VERY strongly of the churning effect of the water in Quake). I felt like I was in a room spinning very fast. My mom came out to ask my to please turn the music down since I was blaring it and my sister wanted to go to sleep...I could hear her but could hardly understand her words...I got the general gist of it and staggered over to my stereo to turn the volume down...it was like trying to stand in a NYC subway without holding on to anything, only 1,000 times harder.

I went back to the chair and sat outside a little longer, but I started shivering uncontrollably. I don't think I was cold; it was probably 65 or 70 degrees out, but I decided to go inside anyway. Leaving my stereo playing and my lava lamp on, I stumbled inside to my room and lay down in my bed. The process of getting from my door to my bed pretty much involved lunging for my bedspread and grabbing on to it and pulling myself up...I was having some real trouble balancing.

I lay in my bed watching patterns form on the inside of my eyelids...I was full of energy though and felt like doing something (weird! Usually I just want to veg out on DXM) so I got up and tried using my computer. It was totally incomprehensible to me...My eyes were pointing in two totally different directions at once and I was unable to make out ANYTHING on the screen. Somehow I managed to open Photoshop and started playing around (I attached the image I made). I also ran AOL and went into a chat room and started talking to people (typing was easy since I touch type and didn't need my eyes for that). I generally feel online chat is a waste of time but whenever I trip (or get high, or whatever) without a friend around I get really lonely and was longing for some sort of "human" interaction. I still hadn't peaked yet.

When AOL totally ceased to make sense to be I shut down my computer, a task which took a huge amount of time since I really couldn't remember how to do it and I couldn't see the screen either. Finally I managed, and I lay back down in my bed.

I was now reaching the peak of my trip. I felt as though I was traveling through galaxies at warp speed. I knew my body was there but it felt numb, like it had been pumped full of anesthetic. I rolled around in bed and noticed my belt buckle was digging into my skin...I must have spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to take my belt off. I spoke a few experimental words and the voice wasn't mine...it was like it was coming from far, far away. I reached out and batted at my clock radio until I finally turned it on...music was too intense though so I shut it off again. I just closed my eyes and listened to random sounds which kept popping into my head and felt totally detached from everything, my mind was there and I wasn't sure about anything else.

At this point my trip started to get the slightest bit unpleasant; not because I was panicking or anything but because I would lie in bed and travel through my mind for what literally felt like hours; I would then look over at my clock and, with much squinting; make out that only one or two minutes had passed. I realized that if my trip was going to last for several more hours it would feel like decades to me, and I just wasn't sure if I could handle it that long. I figured I'd try and think of it as a positive thing..."wow...what a cool trip and it's really excellent that it's lasting a long time so I can enjoy it"...not necessarily because I believed this but because I didn't want to make myself panic.

I stumbled to my bathrooms in a totally unreal way to take a multivitamin in the hope it would help bring me down (of course it didn't). The walk was incredible. It was more like telekinesis. I didn't really experience the traveling, just being in the bathroom and then being in my room again. I lay in my bed embarking on intergalactic travels in my mind, every few hours looking at the clock to discover not even a minute had passed. I kept trying to sleep but always gave up since my mind was just to busy...sometime after 4:20 am (I remember noticing that time for obvious reasons), I fell asleep and woke up again at 6. My mind felt, to me, much more normal, although my eyes were EXTREMELY sluggish to focus on anything and when I walked I had a terrible time keeping my balance. It was more like I was sober in an "unsober" body, though. My thought patterns made much more sense to me, although I *did* sit in my bed for roughly one hour babbling in several different female voices with English accents, using an orange cone I had in my room as a megaphone. I got up and shakily brought my stereo and lava lamp inside, lay in bed listening to the radio for a little while, ate a slice of cold pizza, then fell back asleep around 7:30.

At noon I awoke good as new feeling on top of the world.

1998 The Third Plateau
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