Welcome to the 3rd Plateau

Dosage: aprox. 450mg

About Me (as far as drugs go anyway): I have smoked pot way to many times to count, done mushrooms about a dozen times, acid a half dozen and DXM twice before. The second time I did DXM (I had taken 4 hits of acid about 6 hours earlier) I puked it up within a half hour of dosing so I didn't really feel any of the effects. My only other DXM experience was a 2nd plateau trip.

The Trip (5/5/98):

Ignition: Upon downing my glass of cough syrup and reflecting on how quickly I got sick last time I dosed, I decided to smoke a bowl to help keep my dose down. I knew this would probably add some confusion to the trip, but I wasn't too worried.

00:10: I finished smoking my bowl and decided to put some cartoons on. No real effects from the DXM yet, but I have some "leftover" closed eye visuals from my last acid trip (a week and a half before this experience). I put a tape of Animaniacs into my VCR (a wounderful fry cartoon BTW) and vegged for a while.

00:20: I can feel myself go into the first plateau as the cartoons become a little overwhelming. I feel "drippy", as if I was a very thick liquid (cough syrup perhaps ;) It's not a very intense feeling, but I find it very amusing and pleasurable.

00:30: I walk into my bathroom and notice the faint scent of robotussin. I immediatley want to vomit, but I prevent myself from doing so. I decide to disspose of the empty robo bottle. As I walk outside to dissose of the bottle I notice how springlike everything looks (it's spring so this comes as no suprise, but it seems to be a profound observation at the time).

00:45: I layed in bed for a while and put on The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. Little Fluffy Clouds has got to be one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. WOW. A simply delightful experience (and a great CD). As I close my eyes I notice that my visuals are starting to take on that DXM type of feel and are becoming much more pronounced and intense. I open my eyes and look at a poster on my wall. All of a sudden a translucent crystaline pattern appears over my room. It's flashing incredibly rappidly and emmits a low frequency somewhat soothing buzzing sound (this seemed to be a confusion of sight and sound hallucination that I often get on acid). I know instantly that I've entered the second plate au. Flanging of my vision is very apparent, the flanging of sound is not especially pronounced at this point. As I close my eyes again I notice the INTENSE visuals. Incredibly complex and layered hallucinations. I remember seeing a large "M" shaped building with a multitude of textures and shapes contained within it. It's a very complex structure and it's in 3-D! (only my 3rd time seeing 3-D CEVs) I'm pretty amazed by this.

01:00: The visuals continue along with the flanging. Everything is taking on a very dream like quality. It's not just a feeling of being REALLY high, it's more like only being partially present to experience the trip. Even with huge doses of LSD I still felt like I was there, I was just really, really high; with DXM it's like I'm just not there. It's kind of like being in a lucid dream. Very difficult to describe. I can't express how amazing these visuals are. Different shapes and textures repeated hundreds of times form larger patterns and objects. Everything is in constant motion but somehow static at the same time. There is some "zooming", as I'll call it, with these hallucinations. I'll be looking at the CEVs and then focus on a certain part of it, and then my mind will zoom in on that. Very bizzare. Far more intesne than anything I ever experienced on LSD or shrooms.

01:30: The visuals are AMAZING. Vivid images morph smoothly between one form and the next, each one more amazing than the last. All of the open eye visuals and closed eye visuals (OEVs and CEVs from now on) all seem to flash at a fixed, very rapid rate. Like someone put a strobelight in my head. The "on" phase of the pulse is much longer than the "off" phase so it's not to annoying. I can feel an immense energy building within my inner "core". As it builds I find that it is to much to contain and it begins to eminate outword from within my core. There is an profound sense of confusion that words cannot do justice to. My mind is racing. Thoughts and images flow through my mind at an unimaginable pace. The confusion and energy within my core are now building at an exponential rate. I focus on a peculiar pattern in one of my CEVs. I can tell something is about to happen. The shape I was focusing on begins to bend inward, and I am sucked into it. There is a sudden sense of clarity. The words, "Welcome to the 3rd Plateau" flash in bright red letters. All of the "chatter" in my head is gone. I can concentrate on a signle thought now. The only thing going through my head at this point is "Oh my god, I am tripping HARD".

02:30: My memory is comepletly shot to hell at this point. I remember the following things occuring during my peak (they aren't listed in any paticular order):

-Being sucked into the 2nd dimention for several minutes.
-Flying through a vast network of "wires".
-Falling through my bed onto the astral plane.
-Running around in a world not unlike the one depicted in "Tron" for quite some time.
-Encountering a very bizzare symbol that looked somewhat like the nazi symbol but with 6 "legs". What was odd, was that it was smaller than a proton and more immense than the universe, at the exact same time. It was also spinning slightly off it's axis at an unimaginable rate. It didn't blur when it was spinning though. I could percieve each of the hundreds of millions of rotations it was making every millisecond with perfect clarity. I can't express how fucked up this looked.

During my peak I had severe flanging of all of my senses. I remember rubbing my hand on my pillow for probably 10 minutes straight. It made the *coolest* noise! I also remember that when I had my eyes open, they only seemed to update the picture 5-6 times a second, and then my brain would just fill in the rest. I also remember trying to draw and write in my sketchbook. Each stroke I made seemed to be a completely seperate action from the last. So drawing a "T" involved making one vertical line, and then a horizontal one, on top of the first, but making these lines didn't correlate to drawing the letter "T". That's a horrid description, and probably doesn't make much sense, but it's the best I can muster.

03:00: I noticed that the effects were starting to subside. Well not quite subside, but level off at least. I decided to finish viewing the tape of Animaniacs I had had in earlier. The animation was simply incredible. The characters seemed to morph around on the screen from place to place, almost as if they were a liquid of some sort. What I found especially amusing about this paticular cartoon (Animaniacs) is that sounds or music correlate to the on screen movements and actions of the characrters. I found this most amusing since that was to an extent going on in my head earlier in the trip.

03:45: I decide to go back to bed. As I close my eyes I notice Animaniacs themed hallucinations everywhere. This was *so* cool. I remember subconciously constructing an episode in my head and having it play out for me in my CEVs. The one thing I do remember very clearly from the "episode" was Wakko (one of the characters on the show) driving a 1982 model chevy down a mountainous road, flying out the winshield, being texture mapped onto an entirely to small, donut shaped object and then smiling and waving at me before he flew off a cliff. That kind of gives you an idea of what this "episode" was like.

04:00-04:45:I drift off to sleep somewhere in here.

11:00: I wake up tripping (2nd plateau), NOT FUN. The trip fades to a 1st plateau within a couple of minutes and goes into a hangover about an hour later.

24:00: About when I'm writing this trip report. I'm pretty much back to normal. Still feel "not quite all there" but that seemed to fade within a couple of days last time so I'm not worried. I can't belive I dosed yesterday. It seems like so long ago.

Reflection: WOW, WOW, WOW. I've tripped plenty of times on acid and shrooms, but this trip blew my mind. The DXM experience, minus the discordination and drunk feeling were kind of what I originally thought mushrooms and acid would be like before I tried them. A really, really, really, really (I have a wounderful vocabulary, I know), intense experience. The thought "am I having a bad trip" ran through my mind several times, but I managed to keep control of my thought patterns for the most part. DXM is one amazing (and bizzare) drug.

1998 The Third Plateau
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