Zendo's un-trip

Last Friday I attempted a 10mg/kg dose of DXM. 600mg DXM HBr, to me, weighing approx 60kg. Woohoo! I say attempted, because it didn't exactly work.. I run a local BBS, and there's a message base where users often post trip stories. During my trip, I posted a few messages to it. The first one was explaining my attempt. The second one was during my attempt, and the third one was posted later on, after the trip, explaining what actually happened. I'll just go ahead and post those messages here, complete with time/date stamps. :)

Date: 12:50 am Sat Jan 31, 1998
From: Zendo

Welp, about 40 minutes ago I took ~600mg DXM.. From Sucrets, boiled, filtered and dried, then stuffed into _8_ gelcaps. Didn't taste a thing, haven't burped a thing either, which is good because the taste of this shit makes me vomit. Of course, I rinsed the precipitate a zillion times before I dried it, but it still stunk.

Now I'm just waiting for it to begin. This is my first time tripping alone, and also probably my first time for reasons besides getting fucked up, or to see what it's like. Ya know, this whole inner-exploration thing... 600mg isn't a huge dose; But I'm skinny, and it equals about 10mg/kg on me. A middle third-plateau dose. So uh, I hope to have some interesting stuff to report. :)

I think some affects may be beginning to start to some extent. I'm feelin a little wierd and I especially notice the clicking of my keyboard.

Oh yea, hehehehehahaha, I've moved my recliner in front of my computer, so I can kick it here and use programs such as FLASHER, which is supposed to, given certain individuals, do wonders in combination with DXM. I'm sure it's kinda funny lookin though, I must look like the utmost computer junkie.

I'm taking into consideration that it could take a little longer to kick in than usual- the gelcaps have to dissolve, there were 8 and some could have gotten clumped in the middle, and the powder was SERIOUSLY tightly packed. Those bastards are an extreme pain in the ass to fill by hand.

Ooooo I just burped, and it didn't taste absent of flavor. Luckily though, I do believe that the excessive rinsing helped kill a majority of the taste, and it was more than bearable. This also means that the caps are successfully dissolving, of course, why shouldn't they?

Anyways, toodles. :)

Date: 3:31 am Sat Jan 31, 1998
From: Zendo

Theres something wierd going on here. It's 3:30am, and I'm stil capable of typing. Howveer, it's a very foreign thing to me.. I'm kinda just DOIGN it and it's workiong for the mostpart. Strangest shit. I talked to my friend brandon until 2 and then I still wasn't feelin it very much I decided the pills must have clumped, together and it was talking longer to kick in.

Then I woke up, about 30 minutes ago, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY had to go to the bathroom. I mean some serious gastrointestincal stuff here :):) but then, while I was in the bathroom, I heard my pager beep, remining me that I'd been paged. I came back up and checked it, it was Sadie s, she paged ne like a half hour before. Oh no I thoguht, I hope she's not tweaked because I didn't page her back, she probably things I'm completely tore back. I paged her back, and she was still awake. I eventualy got on the phone with her, and wow im just now realising I thinki I need to go the bathroom again and it really is starting to rip my head apart

oh yea my original point was that i straghgt gfell asleep, passed out and my pager didnt even wake me up. then i woke up and now im pretty damn fucked up, the screens getting blurry

Date: 12:45 am Tue Feb 3, 1998
From: Zendo

I never actually posted what happened that night..

So, here goes.

First off, something did go wrong. I should have tripped WAYYYYY harder, and a whole lot longer. (Well, I probably did trip longer, except that I feel asleep by 5am...) I dunno if the pills were too tightly packed, or something was weird with my digestion that night, or whatever..

Anyways, shortly after writing the message on here, I decided that I wasn't going to get much further along. I decided to try my original goal anyways, which was sort of an out-of-body or perhaps an inner-body experience. I laid down, and tried to let myself go. Then I thought to myself, "If only I had some weed." Then I got this brief vision of last time I rummaged through my closet looking for something, I came across an old jar of leftover THC oil that I never used. I couldn't believe that I remembered it. So I jumped up, and dug through my closet until sure enough, I found the jar. I made, with some trouble, a really ghetto tin-foil crack pipe and smoked a fair bit of oil.

This helped, but wasn't enough.

I laid back down, to continue trying. I couldn't ignore the music, it kept distracting me instead of helping me, so I turned it off. I was listening to techno, perhaps I should have tried something mellow like Pink Floyd or whatever, but I didn't.. As I laid there, I had wispy translucent geometric visuals, (closed eye) that wouldn't really form into anything. What was interesting, is that "inner-head-talking" sort of quieted down and I was really uhh, peaceful. :) After laying there for some time, I began to lose track of my limbs, and eventually my torso. This was a good sign, I thought. Perhaps I had enough of an anesthisizing dose after all. However, I got stuck with my nose.

It's not that big, is it??...

It was as if my aetheric body was hanging below my physical body, still attached, prevented from fully leaving by my face. The problem was, I was still in control of my breathing. I didn't have enough of an anesthisizing dose to remove me from my sense of breathing, and since I still had to control it myself, I couldn't get completely out of my body. However, what intrigued me was that I could feel my face being pulled downwards, with the center of tension on my nose. It was like my aetherical body was tugging, trying to get away, but my face was it's anchor. I actually felt the pulling and tugging on my face....

Well, I eventually gave up, looked at the clock at approx. 4:40am, curled up, and woke up at 9am or so. Don't remember drifting off, just like I didn't remember drifting off when I first fell asleep earlier in the night.

Hmm.. Next time, (And I absolutely must try again..) I'll be more rested. I'd meant to take a mid-day nap that Friday, but didn't get around to it..

Now, I have DXM freebase equivalent to somewhere between 600 and 700mg DXM HBr dissolved in Naptha, (I put 708mg DXM HBr in, unsure what my percentage recovery will be. Too bad I don't have a mg-capable scale, I'll never really know..) and tomorrow or sometime I'm going to convert it to DXM HCl and boil off the remaining HCl Acid. I hope to try again this weekend..

Consequently, the following day (Saturday) I was in an incredibly good mood, rather high on life. I noticed nice things.. People were exceptionally nice that day. I stopped at the gas station, and employee was right there to check under the hood and add some oil, which I was planning on doind anyways. (This NEVER happens..) I bought a pack of cigarettes, and was short 5 cents on the change. As I went to pull out another dollar, the cashier whipped out a nickel and took care of it. It was bright and sunny and nice, and everything just kicked ass.. :)


1998 The Third Plateau
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