A small trip on 480mg DXM + A Few Joints

The First Time:

It was a small after homecoming party at the Harmorville bowling alley. We were all gonna go Cosmic Bowling. Cosmic Bowling = A DJ, Blacklights, Smokemachine, also known as, fun trip setting ;).So on the way to the bowling alley (i have prior knowledge of C**** bringing a few joints to smoke) I tell my dad to stop by the supermarket because "I need some candy and shit to snack on". He stops and I run in.

Off to the medicine aisle

I grab a 16 box of Coricidin Cough and Cold (30mg dxm + 4mg chlor m?) Buy some dumb candy shit and some ginger ale.

Back onto bowling

Along the way as my dad is driving, I pop out all of the coricidin pills into my pocket (big pockets on big jeans) and take them 8 at a time. My dad notices nothing.

When we reach the bowling alley, I had taken the pills about 15 minutes beforehand on an empty stomach. We chill at the alley waiting for my friends (my dad wont leave until they get their). I am getting nervous because, now 45min later, the dxm is starting to worm its own little specialities into my personality. A slight floating feeling, and nice warm giggle flowing throughout me. And I want my dad to get the fuck out of here so I can chill. Finally at 12:30am, we got there at 11:30pm, my friends show up.

My dad leaves

So now that my dad has left and my friends are here. I begin to have fun. We pay for our all night cosmic bowling tickets and bowl a round. At 1am, I am beginning to really start feeling nice. And I tell [C] that we should go smoke the weed now. Originally, 5 people were going to smoke it. But 2 people backed down.

Behind the dumpster

Yeah, its 1:15am and we are chilling behind a dumpster smoking weed. We split 3 joints (schwag :(). Whilst smoking these, I began to get the beginning of a trip going. Slight disorientation. Difficulty walking, Difficulty thinking (from the fucking antihistamine in coricidin). Also I am starting to get mild visual disturbances. Small color streaks, tracers, mild glowing graphitti letters all over. And general color of real things starts to drop out. We finish off the joints and head back in.

The dude in the parking lot

In comes the bum who will re-enter the story later. We are heading back laughing and stumbling. And a bum comes up to us and asks us if we have any weed. We tell him "no, we just smoked it all", and on into the bowling alley.

DXM Fluffy Cotton Candy Land

And now enters the synergy. The powerful rush of dxm mixed with the mellowness of weak pot.

Cotton Candy Vision

I get this whenever I smoke up and take dxm. I call it cotton candy vision because, people's face and objects begin to lose the defined edges, and get a sort of cottony fluffy field that merges with everything else. Everything ends up looking like a watery watercolor pictures, but with a clay like texture. Very Hard to explain. But so cool.

DXM Happy Land

Upon starting to peak I have now entered into DXM Happy Land. Total and utter body engulfment by euphoria and a warm fluidity that caresses me.

Bowling Like a Psycho

As I peaked I began to bowl like a madman. I focused all my energy on bowling. It was like mental tunnel vision. I bowled a 170 (usually i really suck) and at one point had 9 strikes in a row. Now if your thinking, gee 170 < 9 Strikes :). I was so gone and so focused on my bowling form, I did not pay attention to _which_ lane i was bowling on, or _whose_ turn it was. Heh, I felt like a real proffessional bowler. By now my vision was truly fucked up. Super Blurry, colors very dull and still had that strange cotton candy clay texture.

Strange Actions of a Dexed Bowler

Once I passed the peak and just started having fun (although the peak was fun as hell, it was sort of rigid. All I did was bowl). I now began to do all sorts of strange things that sober people wouldnt do. When our ball got stuck in the gutter, I began to dance, yes dance, down the bowling lane. This is of course, in front of a shitload of people (not just my friends). And I didnt give a shit what they thought.

I was not paying attention to how fast I was bowling, and nearly broke the sweeper arm by bowling a bad ass 16lb ball into it.

The ball gets stuck again, This time I run and slide down the lane (didnt work very good).

Bowling on the wrong lane

On the lane over from us was a bunch of 12 - 13 year old chicks, who I am assuming thought I was either, 1 - hitting on them, 2 - plain fucked up (*).

I was not paying close attention and began bowling on their lane without noticing. And when questioned I told them "Doh, schorryre, eye washcnetpayhing attenshin". Stumbled over to my lane and started bowling again.

Eat and Park

After bowling until 4am or so. We headed of to Eat and Park to wait for Laura's dad to pick us up.

Enter the bum

Now we meet the bum again. Sitting at the table behind us.

Strange Eating Habits

As we sat and talked (or I attempted to coherently speak). I said to Bryan, "hey dude, I'll give you five bucks if you eat this chili dipped in cigarette ash's". Bryan of course declined. But behind me I hear "Dude, fuck that, Gimme five bucks and I will eat it."

We turn around

We all turn and look at the man with a look of utter inability to believe.

I lose 9 dollars

Hand him the five dollars and the chili say my friends. So I do. The man eats the fucking chili with a small grimace saying, "I ate worse stuff in the army".

Edible Cigarattes

Now comes the traditional, I say to the guy. "Eat a cigarette butt and I'll give you a dollar.". The dude does. Quite yucky. The other things he ate for a dollar that i can remember:

- A cup of water filled with Pepper (a whole shaker's worth) and Salt (half a shaker)

Busted Smoking

We are all sitting around smoking (I wasn't). And Laura's dad came in. I did not recognize him cuz i was blasted. And as i say to laura "dude, i am so fucked up". Everyone shuts up because the coach like figure i noticed walking in is Laura's dad. Now poor little Laura gets in trouble for smoking.

The Blur

From now until I get home it is mostly just a blur. I remember going in the house and saying hello to my parents and then going to bed.

Forgotten Foods

When I wake up. It turns out I had forgotten to take all the candy I baught especially just for the bowling night! :( Heh, I think the coricidin succeeded my urge for candy that night.


First a notice to all novice DXM'ers. CORICIDIN SUCK. The antihistamine does these evil things. It turns your snot into rubber for a few days fucking disgusting. Also, you feel like utter shit the next day. During the trip you feel like your brain is squashed and your ability to think is majorly impaired. It fucks up your speech more. You look like shit the next day.

Also it is more addictive becuase, Since you feel like shit the next day -> you end up taking more coricidin too get high again.


1998 The Third Plateau
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